What you need


This is Citadel plastic glue. What you need for plastic models.

-Plastic glue: This is what you need for glueing plastic models.

-Super glue: This is what you use for glueing metal models or for glueing plastic and metal models together.

-Citadel Paint Brush Set: This, you can buy at the website. it contains thick and thin paintbrushes at a okay price.

-Paint: You need to buy the paints from the nearest Warhammer shop. Paint is listed on the back of your model box (example, Ultramarines Blue) .

-Codex: You need to get a normal rulebook. The front of the cover should have a Warhammer.

-Army Codex: You also need to get a codex for the army you are collecting (for example, Space wolves Codex, and ork codex.

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